7 Ways Outsourcing Your IT Services To Phoenix Technology Makes Sense For Your Business. (And Dollars!)

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IT issues not only cost you in productivity and lost revenue, they rob you of the time you need to run your business. To achieve the long-term success you work for, you need proactive IT service and support from a team of experts.  Phoenix Technologies provides this.  Our clients rely on us to:

  • Proactively deal with IT issues before they cause major problems,
  • Have the freedom to focus on their business rather than IT worries, and
  • Save them money!

For some, the benefits of outsourcing must be weighed against those of using in-house IT staff.  The following are 7 reasons why outsourcing your IT Support to Phoenix Technologies is the best decision you can make.

We can save you money. By hiring us as your outsourced IT team you can easily save $30,000 annually versus paying the salary for one IT employee.  Figure in the cost of ongoing training and benefits, and the annual savings can be even more.

We’ll provide IT support when you need it. With 24/7 support just a web click, e-mail, or phone call away, using Phoenix provides you and your staff IT support when you need it.  We don’t take vacations, or call in sick like an IT employee does.

You’ll have greater control over the service you receive. Phoenix offers you more control, flexibility and accountability over your IT services than with in-house IT staff.  Our Service Level Agreement provides the reassurance that you’ll receive the quality IT services you require on a timely basis.

We’ll reduce or eliminate IT downtimes. Phoenix can remotely monitor your IT system to ensure it always runs at peak performance.  If an incident does occur we’ll know, and we can often address it remotely before you even realize there’s a problem.  If we can’t, we’ll take care of it with an onsite visit, quickly and efficiently.

We offer up-to-date expertise. Technology is constantly evolving, and training an in-house employee to keep up with these changes can be cost prohibitive. Our team of certified experts has the highest level of expertise and is trained and knowledgeable in current technologies.

We provide a deeper well of knowledge and experience. Just as two heads are better than one, having a highly trained, certified team working on your systems provides a depth of skill that is nearly impossible to match with a single in-house technician.

Continuity of knowledge. It’s unusual for an employee to work for the same company their entire career.  When your internal IT person leaves, they take all of their accumulated knowledge regarding your network components and configurations with them.  Using Phoenix Technologies eliminates this problem because all your systems are fully documented, and the documentation belongs to your company. Work continues without interruption despite personnel changes, and your business retains this valuable knowledge.

If you’re looking for a dependable and capable IT provider who will:

  • Proactively deal with IT your issues before they cause major problems,
  • Let you focus on your business rather than IT worries, and
  • Save you money,

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