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Get the Cyber Security Assurance Portland Companies Trust

Have you had an IT support team taking care of your cyber security but are looking for a change? Perhaps doing things in the same-old fashion without giving you assurance of due diligence and solution-driven ends isn’t doing it for you anymore. Look no further than Phoenix Technology, Inc., a friend and partner to companies looking for the cyber security Portland is talking about!  Don’t settle for incongruent or inadequate IT support services when you can get cyber security Vancouver businesses have come to rely upon to keep them profitable, competitive, and out of harm’s way.

Cyber Security Equals Cyber Business

Enjoying adequate cyber security safeguards also means the ability to do cyber business. Anyone doing any kind of business on the Web these days knows full well that without proven defense measures that can stop cyberattacks and data breaches of all types – you’re like a broken-masted ship at sea. Because, all it takes is one ransomware or spyware attack and vital company data – as well as, by proxy, confidential client information – can be exposed to and exploited by malicious hackers at potentially great cost to you. The best offense, in this case, is a good defense, and Phoenix Technology has all the tools in the cyber security arsenal at the ready. These cyber defense tools and measures include:

  • Computer security designed for any and all contingencies
  • Leading-edge hardware updating and patching
  • Compliance operations to meet regulatory guidelines
  • Mitigation and elimination of all network vulnerabilities
  • Cloud-based solutions for added backup and recovery assurance
  • Experts in cyber security with proven technology certification and diligence

All-Encompassing IT Support

We are dedicated to providing the cyber security Portland businesses require to stay competitive! Phoenix Technology, Inc. is a proven leader in managed IT services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA. We provide the full gamut of IT management, as part of our 24/7 support protocol.

If you have any concerns about cyber security in Vancouver or Portland, contact one of our IT professionals at (360) 433-6930 or send us an email at or and we will be happy to answer any and all your questions.