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How Sound is Your Plan for Data Recovery, Portland?

If you haven’t heard or seriously considered the terms disaster recovery, data loss, or business continuity, then you should familiarize yourself with them. Because any business can suffer catastrophic data loss due to natural disaster, cyberattack, or employee cyber breach (whether inadvertent or deliberate). So, how sound and firm is your plan for data recovery, Portland? If you are a Portland business in need of a data recovery plan, then keep reading. We offer solid disaster recovery planning and strategy that will keep your enterprise up and running – even in the wake of a cyber breach, fire, flood, or other disaster.

It used to be that many businesses could coast by without much disaster recovery planning. Now, with all kinds of cyber threats out there, as well as natural disasters ramping up, you can’t be too cautious or prepared when it comes to protecting your precious business data. Most businesses begin to suffer catastrophic financial setbacks after even one day of downtime, and most are not prepared with offsite backup copies of their primary data backup. If you just read that sentence and said, “Wow, neither are we,” then you need to seriously consider getting a team of IT support specialists in your corner, making sure that when disaster strikes, you’re still doing business.

It takes sound integration of cyber safety policies, data recovery technology, and strategic disaster recovery planning to create the right environment that can weather any catastrophe. It takes awareness of the various threats, and also what needs to be in place to thwart them – something Phoenix Technology takes seriously, and provides for many Portland and Vancouver SMBs. Cyberattacks like ransomware are one of the most menacing threats out there, but employee ignorance of standardized cyber safety policies, as well as outdated or insufficient technology also factor into the data recovery equation.

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