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9 Pro-Business Reasons to Migrate to Office 365 Now

By partnering with a top-tier firm with expertise in migrating businesses to Office 365, you don’t have to worry about data loss or migration issues. Leading IT managed service providers like Phoenix Technology Incorporated take the worry out of migration for you.

You want your technology to simplify your life and to work for you – not against you.

You need pro-growth technology, and that’s why you’re considering a migration to Office 365.

Until now, the older versions of Microsoft Office and Outlook have done the trick, but you can see that an update is in your very near future.

But Migrating to Office 365 scares you just a little.

After all, what happens to all of your emails and data that are stored in your old programs?

You want the benefits of Office 365, but you don’t want to lose decades of work in the process.

It’s understandable that you would be concerned. But an Office 365 migration can be a seamless process for you.

By partnering with a top-tier firm with expertise in migrating businesses to Office 365, you don’t have to worry about data loss or migration issues. Leading IT managed service providers like Phoenix Technology Incorporated take the worry out of migration for you.

If you’re still on the fence considering whether or not to make the big switch, here are nine great reasons to migrate to office 365.

Why Migrate to Office 365?

  1. Seamless coordination with familiar tools—One of the most significant benefits of migrating to Office 365 is that with a little help from a professional managed IT services team like Phoenix Technology Incorporated, the transition to this top-tier office productivity suite can move along like clockwork.

You won’t be without the programs you’ve come to love nor will you lose even one piece of your data.

Best of all, the Microsoft programs you’re already familiar with are all part of the Office 365 package — but with one big bonus. They are even better!

What does this mean for you?

  • There is no need to learn an entirely new system!
  • There is no lost time resulting from additional needed training before implementing your new software.
  • Your business doesn’t need to skip a beat.
  1. Anytime, anywhere access— Because Office 365 operates within the cloud, your data is accessible to you at any time, in any place, and from any device. Your productivity does not have to suffer because you have employees both out in the field and in the office.

Office 365 ensures that all of your employees’ devices are synchronized to your systems to allow for real-time progress on all collaborative projects.

  1. Secure communication and collaboration both inside and outside your organization—Want a system that enables you to communicate effectively both with your staff and those outside of your business?

Office 365 migration makes all of this possible. Never has there been a more straightforward way to stay in touch or work collaboratively.

  1. Simple to learn programs—One of the reasons most businesses love Microsoft programs is because they are user-friendly. “Out of the box” technology is challenging to find these days.

Office 365 has packaged the powerhouse Microsoft programs underneath one umbrella!

When you choose Office 365 migration for your business, you are selecting to continue with a valued partner – Microsoft!

There is no complicated process of learning a new system.

You can just continue as you always have with the programs that have been working for you for years.

  1. Email, collaboration, and online meeting solutions via the cloud—Migrating to Office 365 provides you with cloud-based solutions to improve email security, collaborative efforts, and online meeting opportunities.

With Office 365, your data is encrypted and protected – ensuring that your confidential information remains secure at all times.

  1. A secure system—The problem with using home-based versions of Microsoft programs for commercial applications is they just aren’t secure enough. With cybercriminals targeting businesses more and more frequently, you need a rock-solid plan for cybersecurity. Migrating to Office 365 provides you with enhanced security services designed to keep companies like yours safe from potential hacking threats and other vulnerabilities. It’s like purchasing an extra layer of protection for your business.
  2. 9% financially backed uptime guarantee—Office 365 migration offers you something your current IT suite cannot—an uptime guarantee.
  3. Flexibility—One of the strengths of combining Office 365 with a team like Phoenix Technology Incorporated is the flexibility to scale the program to meet your needs. The options offered by Phoenix Technology allow you to have an easily affordable, monthly budget for your IT expenses.  There’s no need to pay for services you can’t use, but at the same time, it’s nice to have the option to expand when necessary.
  4. Professional business appearance—Appearances matter, and this is true of your IT as well. Migrating to Office 365 paves the way for your company’s future. It allows you to present the appearance of being on level footing with competitors with options like professional email, meeting scheduling, and video conferencing.

Why Phoenix Technology Incorporated?

Phoenix Technology Incorporated is the leading managed IT services provider serving businesses in Vancouver, Washington, and the surrounding area. When it comes to migration to Office 365, there is no better partner.  Phoenix Technology Incorporated has a proven track record of successfully assisting other businesses just like yours with their Office 365 migration.

But the IT expertise of the Phoenix Technology team does not stop there.  Among the services we can offer your business are:

Whatever your business needs, Phoenix Technology Incorporated has you covered.

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