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Are You Having Trouble Finding Reputable Computer Services in Beaverton, OR?

We understand – and have tailor-made our IT support platform just for companies like yours accordingly. There’s no more need to fret or worry about finding a reputable IT company because Phoenix Technology is one of the Pacific Northwest’s (and greater Portland’s) best choices for computer services in Beaverton OR.

We understand – and have tailor-made our IT support platform just for companies like yours accordingly. There’s no more need to fret or worry about finding a reputable IT company because Phoenix Technology is one of the Pacific Northwest’s (and greater Portland’s) best choices for computer services in Beaverton OR.

It can sometimes be a challenge locating a qualified, reputable IT company in Oregon.

Sometimes you need a little help finding expert-qualified technicians who perfectly embody not only a skilled engineer but also an effective business partner and IT strategist.

Phoenix Technology won’t shy away from saying that we feel we are all those things – and as a result, are able to provide you the kind of computer services in Beaverton OR you can grow your business on, and thrive with!

What Kind of Computer Services Are You Looking For?

Whatever you’re searching for in a computer services company, chances are we can meet your criteria.

We know you have many IT companies to choose from who provide computer services in Beaverton OR, so, why us?

What sets us apart from the rest?

The answer is not just experience, industry-leading solutions, or even reliable IT support (though we can provide all of those things).

The answer is in the people we hire, who go beyond the normal call of duty to do something really special and allow us to boast a team of true IT professionals.

It’s also evidenced in our cur commitment to building a winning relationship with our clients, and our personalized, people-oriented approach to providing the IT services and solutions you need to reach your full potential is what we’re all about.

Whatever industry you are doing business as usual in greater Portland, Oregon – we’ll be with you every step of the way to help you dial-in truly optimized IT management and computer network support.

For Better Computer Support in Beaverton and Portland OR

For an IT partnership that goes to the next level, why not reach out to a company that can deliver the computer services in Beaverton OR you truly need to run your business in 2017 and beyond.

Phoenix Technology is focused on the longevity of our partnership together and is committed to exceeding client expectations. We don’t need to tell you why we are the obvious choice for a technology partner; our existing clients are happy to do so for us.

Our computer support firm was founded on some lasting core principles, such as focusing on people first, and consistently delivering what those people (our clients) have been promised.

We understand that the technology itself comes second to the relationship, and we consequently use our decades of experience to ensure your IT management and support remains within budget, enhances operations, and meets all of your unique needs and requirements.

Currently, Phoenix Technology is proud to serve over 150 clients, growing our venture steadily due largely to our hard-earned reputation of upholding our founding principles and providing high-quality services and solutions to fit any technology budget, ensuring all IT needs are met.

We have the experience and expertise to meet all of your technology needs, which fosters a reliable IT partnership to support you in your long-term growth and success.

After all, you need a partnership that will be around for the long haul, ensuring your best interests are always in mind, expressed in the kind of computer support services we specialize in.

Ready to get started? Call Phoenix Technology today at (360) 433-6930 or send an email to to talk with our team of experts about getting the type of industry-leading computer services Beaverton OR companies trust.

Who We Are – Beaverton OR Computer Services Experts and More

We’re interested in growing companies on a foundation of sound technology management and engaged support. After all, we have a lot in common: We’re also small business owners trying to grow and achieve our highest goals, just like you.

Here’s a little bit more about what makes drives us to perfect standards and seek to be a friend of the business community:

Phoenix Technology is your one-stop IT consulting company offering a complete range of technical support services. We deliver solutions to clients in Oregon and Southwest Washington for their network/workstation, personal computer, mid-range and mainframe environments. We wear many hats – managed services provider, technical support expert, Internet webmaster, database developer, cyber-trainer, among others.

For 25 years, we’ve taken care of the technology so our clients can focus on their business. We have the staff, knowledge, and experience to handle your entire technology infrastructure and deliver satisfaction each time you need us to be there.

Ours is really the business of providing IT Peace of Mind, aside from offering computer services in Beaverton OR and greater Portland OR that can propel your business intelligence goals and IT success.

Founder Walter Yeaw launched Phoenix Technology in October 1992 with a unique mission in the IT consulting arena: to focus on people first – not just the numbers – and deliver on what was promised. Based on over 27 years of previous experience in the data processing consulting business, Walter knew this meant understanding client expectations and then producing high-quality IT solutions on time and within budget.

To accomplish this, he hired a skilled team of computer consultants with the business expertise and technical knowledge to plan, implement and maintain a company’s entire technology infrastructure.

Today, Phoenix Technology continues to uphold Walter’s founding principles, earning a reputation that continues to expand our client base and the computer services we provide in the greater Portland, Oregon area – and elsewhere nationwide, thanks to our remote support capabilities.

Through client referrals and marketing leads, we have grown our business by providing high quality IT support services at a reasonable price and meeting all of our clients’ IT needs.

What do you think?

We want to hear your business story and meet with you so we can better understand your various needs and how to meet them with above-board computer services in Beaverton OR.

Why Not Choose a Computer Services Company You Can Trust?

If you can’t trust your IT services company to deliver what’s promised, you can’t trust yourself to be doing good computer-networked business. That’s the way we see it, anyway.

As a fellow small business outfit, we’ll never waste your time or money. Instead, we’ll give you the maximum return on your IT investment – every time.

Call computer support experts Phoenix Technology today at (360) 433-6930 or send us an email to to get the ball rolling on the kind of industry-leading computer services Beaverton OR companies like yours can rely on.