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Having access to the latest and greatest solutions on the market does you no good without dependable support to back them up. Phoenix Technology is always there, standing behind our services and solutions so you are always able to use your technology to its full potential, and get the help you need when trouble arises.

We are able to provide the support you need to ensure you are getting what you need from your technology, and allow you to be as successful as possible. When your IT services and solutions are backed by a fast responding, reliable firm you are able to maintain your competitive advantage and stay ahead of the crowd.

Get the support you need to ensure you are always working at your full potential. Reach out to Phoenix Technology at (360) 433_-6930 or to learn more about our comprehensive services and support.

We are able to provide a wide range of services and support to meet your technology needs. Our expertise includes:

  • Hardware and software purchasing, implementation, maintenance, and support
  • Email/Internet/Website hosting
  • Network and website design and support
  • Dependable security solutions
  • Automatic remote data backup
  • Remote access and mobility solutions
  • Strategic planning and guidance
  • Disaster recovery
  • Web content and SPAM filtering
  • Server installation and upgrades
  • And much more

Phoenix Technology understands the importance of continuous monitoring and maintenance to keep your IT running efficiently and effectively. That’s why we have developed the Phoenix Watch System. The Phoenix Watch System not only provides 24X7 monitoring and maintenance but also provides:

  • Reliable Technical Support – Have constant access to the reliable support you need to ensure your network is not only secure, but performing well, and helps you avoid the hassle and expense of a full-time IT staff.
  • A Proactive Approach – Our proactive approach to maintenance ensures a large number of technology issues are detected and dealt with before they can ever negatively impact your operations or systems, helping to minimize costly downtimes.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – You are able to minimize your IT investment and maximize your ROI with proactive monitoring and maintenance provided by Phoenix Technology.
  • Enhanced Operations – Experience fewer system issues and fewer interruptions to workflow. Productivity is never compromised, and resolution is always at your fingertips when an issue does manage to slip through.
  • Peace of Mind – You can rest peacefully, feeling confident your IT infrastructure is being expertly monitored and maintained. Ensure you have the functionality you need to thrive and the security required to be well protected, all from one professional source.

You need support you can count on for your IT needs. Phoenix Technology provides the support necessary to ensure you are always able to work at your full capabilities. Call us at (360) 433_-6930 or send an email to to hear more about how we do things differently.

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