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Donna White / Oregon Screen Impressions

“Phoenix has consistently provided a prompt response to any variety (small or large) IT issues that we’ve encountered. Phoenix always answers our call or email, and is “on the spot” to provide us with assistance scoped for the scale of the question or project at hand. In terms of response, I’d give a 10/10 rating. The follow-up on issues has equally been as satisfactory as the initial response. We know that once Phoenix is “on” one of our issues or projects, they will let us know of the results as soon as possible. We completely trust Phoenix to handle our data and systems knowing that our best interest is theirs. They’ve helped guard against any number of cyber-attacks, spam, viruses, and data-breach violations – our systems are safe in their hands. All in all, Phoenix continues to impress our company with their abilities and aptitude to completely handle our IT. Thanks to Phoenix, we no longer have a need for an internal IT coordinator or manager. They’ve proven themselves as our preferred provider of IT services, again and again.”

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