We are able to provide exceptional IT services and solutions to businesses in a variety of locations, including the East Coast, businesses with locations in Alaska, South Arizona, and West Oregon.

Our remote working capabilities enable us to provide our industry-leading tools and support across a wide geographical area and still be able to provide the reliable support you depend on to operate.

Our goal is to assist as many business owners as we can enhance the way they work, increase productivity, and ensure you have access to the best technology for the job so you can succeed.

Business on the East Coast and surrounding areas looking for an IT partner that will make a difference need look no farther than Phoenix Technology Inc.. Contact us at (888) 662-4141 or info@phoenixtechnologyit.com to talk about how we can help you.

We are proud to be able to serve clients across a number of areas, including Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR, and surrounding cities.

By supporting your needs via remote access and drop shipping the necessary equipment and hardware, taking advantage of quick communication methods such as texting and email, we are able to provide excellent services and support, making you feel as though we are right there in-house with you.

When aligning with Phoenix Technology Inc. as your technology partner you are able to benefit from:

  • Business Continuity – We ensure you are able to maintain access to your business-critical information and resources with our industry-leading business continuity tools. With our dependable backups your data is always within reach.
  • Managed Services – Your technology is worry-free with our managed service offerings. We provide complete oversight, maintenance, and monitoring of your infrastructure to ensure you are operating at your full potential.
  • Dependable Support – We are there for you, supporting you in a number of ways to ensure you have the answers you need when you need them and are making the best possible IT-related decisions you can.
  • Comprehensive Security Solutions – Security is a huge priority for business owners nowadays. We make sure your information and applications are safeguarded and you have the necessary security in place to ensure you are adhering to any regulatory guidelines.
  • A Capable IT Partner – Having a partner that is invested in the success of your company makes a world of difference. We not only care about your technology, we care about you as a client and are committed to building a partnership you can rely on for years to come.

Phoenix Technology Inc. is not limited by geographical restraints. We have the tools and technology to assist you with your IT even if you aren't in our backyard. Call us at (888) 662-4141 or send an email to info@phoenixtechnologyit.com to learn more about how we can meet your technology needs.