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Having proper backup procedures and processes in place is crucial in order to ensure business continuity and protect yourself against cyber attacks and other incidents that can leave your important information and resources compromised.

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Having proper online data backup and offline (cloud or external storage) backup procedures and processes in place, is crucial in order to ensure business continuity and protect yourself against data loss, security events and any other data incidents.  Data loss is the number one reason many Portland and Vancouver area businesses go out of business.  We don’t want that to happen to you.  Take the steps to protect your company’s most valuable asset with Phoenix Technology remote data backup, online data backup, and secure data backup solutions. 

Don’t take the unnecessary risk that can leave your important information and resources compromised.

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Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the importance of having a proper backup routine established, until it is too late. Don’t let your operations be derailed because you don’t have access to your business-critical resources. Phoenix Technology has a remote data backup offering that ensures your information and applications can be easily retrieved and business can continue as usual.

Don’t be left to scramble when an unfortunate event or attack compromises your data. Get remote backup solutions that keep your information safe and within reach by calling Phoenix Technology at (888) 662-4141 or sending an email to

Phoenix Technology makes remote data backup easy by providing backup services at our own secure data center, with space, power and cooling necessary to deploy our mission-critical cloud applications. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re working with a fully secure, “local cloud” so you know your important information is close by and exactly where it is being housed.

Our backup software package, called Ahsay, offers two client backup agents. AhsayOBM is for backing up servers, databases, and virtual machines, and AhsayACB provides backup for workstations. Benefits of these data backup solutions include:

  • Support any Cloud Configuration – Our client backup agents support local, cloud and hybrid backup solutions.
  • Fast and Reliable Performance – Our independent backup solutions are fast and offer reliable performance. They are equipped with a variety of dedicated database and virtual machine modules to allow you to properly back up your databases, VMs, and email applications.
  • Individual Encryption Keys – Each client has their own 256-bit AES encryption key for secure data backup.
  • Quick Restore Capabilities – You are able to quickly restore file level and image backups, with full replication to a secondary, secure location offering an additional level of data backup security.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late to make a smart decision about backups. Reach out to the experts at Phoenix Technology for backup and recovery solutions that keep you working. Contact us at (888) 662-4141 or
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