POS Installation Support

Support services are vital to the continued success of your point of sale (POS) system. Phoenix Technology's support services are available to assist you through each phase of your POS system's lifecycle. Deploying a new POS system is not as simple as purchasing new equipment and plugging it in. Your POS system needs to be installed and configured by professionals who know their way around this technology.

The Phoenix Technology team are those professionals. And we can do much more than just set up your new hardware. We offer:

Pre-Planning Support

  • Assist with the pre-planning process
    • Equipment ordering
    • Installation scheduling
    • Task Coordination
  • Coordinate and manage the installation process

Installation Support

  • POS Equipment
  • POS Configuration
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Testing

Ongoing Support

  • Monitor/support POS equipment
  • Provide single point of contact for issue resolution
  • Address non-POS support and development requirements

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We'll make sure you're up and running before our technician leaves your location. Our experienced and knowledgeable technical staff will assist your business through the entire process, allowing you to focus on your customers and employees. Let Phoenix Technology utilize our POS installation and support experience as your technology partner.

For more information about Phoenix Technology and our POS support services, please contact us by completing the above form, and we will reply quickly. Contact us at or by phone at (360) 433-6930.